Thursday, October 25, 2012

Will the Real Me. . . and Pen Parentis Literary Salon...


This is me right now, well, last week.

I will be HERE on November 13, at the PEN PARENTIS LITERARY SALON.  7 pm.

According to the website, this is the me that will be there:

The day I had my author photos taken.
Was my hair ever that blonde?
Who the fuck is she?

Or, her:

Okay, I kinda miss her. Was that only three years ago?!

How about her?

this is what happens when you buy $10 red hair dye.


yes, those are reading glasses >:(


this may be photoshopped, for sure...


Would the real Gae Polisner please stand up?

Well, one of us will be there.

HERE. At the Pen Parentis Literary Salon. On November 13. At 7 pm.

And, I may (may, may, may...) actually read in public for the first time from a piece of my women's fiction. I'm thinking about it. Though the thought sort of terrifies me also.

Especially, if you'll be there listening.

Eh. No big deal.

You'll likely never recognize me again.

I probably should stop changing my hair.

- gae

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  1. Oh, you're always adorable. Most of my online pics are older than that. Hope your reading goes really well!