Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Mosquito, Pre- Book Release, Anything-but Coast

Me, low tech as always,
on the morning of the NY Times Interview

<--------- This is me. My days are flying by. I am caught in the whirlwind of pre-debut book release chaos. I try not to be, but the fact is, I never feel as if I'm doing enough.

Let me introduce myself, yadda, yadda, yadda. Some of it has really paid off. I have had librarians as far as Hawaii say they viewed my trailer and will order in the book. I have had some major academic organizations say they are interested in TPoG for their purposes. I have connected with terrific teachers, principals, librarians, and, yes, even some reporters, across our country. Better yet, I've connected with some truly awesome teens.

Frances, on the right,
with author Barbara O'Connor
And, yes, I even somehow got myself a New York Times profile, allegedly to run in the May 1 Metro section of the NY Times. The reporter spoke to my editor yesterday (the fantabulous Frances Foster). Apparently, in addition to asking Frances what she loved about my book, the reporter talked about my "persistence." Knowing Frances, she likely smiled amusedly and answered, "yes, yes, I'm familiar with that as well."

I guess we'll see what she really said on May 1st. ;)

In the meantime, let's hope that my unique style of "persistence" is a good thing, and not akin to a mosquito on a hot summer's night, buzzing loudly in your ear. And, better yet, lets hope all these hours and connections (and persistence) amount to book sales. Because, lord knows, in all those hours, I could have written an entire other manuscript instead.

To those of you following my journey, posting interviews, reviews, and generally propping me up with your humor and good wishes, not to mention ordering the book, do not underestimate my appreciation. From the bottom of my slightly-exhausted heart.

- gae