Monday, October 8, 2012

Of Glitter, Ashes and Remembering

I usually reserve personal stuff
(and certainly dumb,
and/or ridiculous stuff)
for my private,
non-author facebook page.

But, today, inspired by a quote
a reader loved
from The Pull of Gravity
(which she had posted to her Tumblr page),
I shared a bit of personal stuff
on my facebook author
that went like this:

(if you click on the photos, you can see them larger).

I love social media. I love how it allows us to connect with, and move each other, so swiftly. It's a distraction, too, for sure. But today, with these memories -- and my mother's touch for knowing how to create such a memorable ceremony -- swirling in my heart and brain, I was happy for a chance to share.

- gae


  1. I love this, it touched my heart. Thank you for sharing, Gae! <3

  2. Touching. To be remembered fondly by those you love, I think, is the true immortality. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. It makes me happy that the only grandparent I've ever known, my Nana, is still here, but sad because I'm so far from her. Your writing about your grandfather and the intimate memorial tugs AT&T heart strings.

  4. "Tugs AT my heart strings". Stupid auto correct bringing AT&T into this beautiful discussion about your grandfather! (Rude iPhone)

  5. If I'm going to die tomorrow I prefer to use the process of burial ceremony by using scatter my ashes at sea. I think it such a sort of elegance.

  6. thanks for reading, commenting, etc. Ashes at sea would work for me, Milli. In fact, you can just toss my whole body into the sea. It's its favorite place, anyway. <3