Sunday, June 10, 2012


There's a chalkboard that hangs in my kitchen that I bought for the quote scrawled on it:

"Marriage should be a duet. When one sings, the other claps."

I can't tell you how true I think this is.

But, there's a flip side of that quote, too. I think it needs a sister board that reads:

"Always give your spouse something fresh and new to clap about."

My hubby and I have been through some really crappy times in our marriage... times we were hanging on by a thread. But I think one of the things that keeps us together is that we do give the other something to clap about from time to time, and when we do, the other is there, obliging.

Us, at my sister's 30th surprise party...

I married David for many reasons (here, honey, I'll list some: he's kind, gentle, loyal, funny and really smart), but one of them was because of how beautifully he sings.

He wasn't a singer per se, but he sang in the car, and in the shower, and he left long (long!) singing messages on my answering machine.

Sometimes, just when I thought the long (long!) message was finally over, it turned out he was merely taking a breath. Sometimes, he had to call back to finish the song. :)

Over the past few years, my hubby has had a lot of opportunities to need to rise to the occasion of our blackboard.

Us, the first time we spotted my book in the wild.

With the release of my first book, and the attendant, if quiet, recognition that has come with that, David has spent a decent amount of time in the audience, clapping for me.

But, over the past decade, I've also had the lucky opportunity to clap for him, as he's pushed himself to step out of the car and shower and perform on stage, and my accolades still come from a place of genuine excitement, admiration and sincerity.

I am truly his biggest fan.

Of course, there are those rare, rare hours (okay, sometimes days) when I don't know how I've stayed married to him (and I remind myself there are days when he feels this way about me).

But most days, I'm utterly happy to have found him.

He's definitely where the love is . . . and when he stands on that stage, smiles like that, and opens his mouth to sing, I'd marry him all over again.

I'm still clapping, baby, and still grateful I get to go home with you after the show. 

- gae

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