Sunday, September 25, 2011

Late-Season Firsts, Kamikaze Flies, and Joye of Joys!

Joye, headed to the water
In honor of Carol who was not here this a.m., I make this post on behalf of the Water-blog:

Karen, Bonnie, and some hunky guys
Under gray skies that began to part upon our

arrival, a small group of hardy Poddites (Gae, Karen, Bonnie, Ken, and Rob Ripp) were thrilled to arrive at the beach to find a long-absent
Joye Brown - missing since mid-July due to a severe ankle fracture that required multiple pins, rods and PT --
pulling into theWest Neck Beach parking lot .

After hugs and greetings, we set out in crystal clear water amidst fish jumping, some of us for a short swim to the South Buoy, others continuing on to the North.

Despite an abundance of what could only be described as Kamikaze flies that littered the surface of the water, the Pod enjoyed an otherwise-pristine swim to the South Buoy under breathtaking skies.

As Karen and Rob set off toward the North buoy, Ken started a graceful backstroke back toward the beach. Bonnie and I decided to follow suit for as long as we were able, and, despite thinking we'd only last for a few hundred yards or so, we, too, backstroked the entire way back to the lifeguard station. So, new firsts, even this late in the season.

All in all, another glorious swim, though the Carol(e)s, etc. were sorely missed!

- gae

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