Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm Swinging!


I meant literally.*

You got excited for details, didn't you?

But let me tell you, this kind of swinging is the next best thing. If any of you could come put a swing like this up in my backyard, I would be your BFF forever. Yes, I know the forever is redundant.

If you want to read more about me and my swinging, you can switch to my YA blog entry here: Or you can just watch me swing and listen to me "scream like a girl," a bit more.


- gae

*with thanks to Carol Moore, our Fairy POD Mother for the swing and the video! If you want to know what a POD is, you can click here: OR here:!/pages/West-Neck-Pod/128827940504281 .


  1. I totally sprinted over here looking for porn. i do love the other kind of swinging, too, though. Though my butt is a little wide at the moment--it gets pinched... working on it.

  2. Flipping off swings is the best. I mean upside down, not with the finger! Sheesh.

  3. I know, Hart, I know. And that's what was so great about THAT swing *points up* - it was a standing arm & leg workout. Plus it was just a flat wide plank. And you could go in circles too.

    Angelina, hah. But, seriously, you can still flip OFF swings? You must be way younger than I... <3