Friday, July 9, 2010

What the %!$%! Was I Thinking?

Right now, it's Friday at 6:30 pm.

Around 36 hours from now, I'll be waking up and getting ready to try to swim a 5k. Not for speed, mind you. Just for distance, to see if I can. *


Why not?

Ok, I don't know why.

Maybe just to prove that I can.

And that's where the fear comes in. Because, what if I can't?

And by can't, don't get me wrong. I'm not afraid of anything bad happening. I'm not afraid of drowning. But what if I embarrass myself - veer off course, fall way behind, never make it to the finish line? They only give you one hour from when the first person finishes to finish the course yourself. And then they pull you out.

And, trust me here, I don't want to be pulled out.

But it could happen. Last year, because of intense currents one of the strongest women in my group who is way faster than I am took 3 1/2 hours to finish. Would that mean four- plus hours in the water for me? Er.

On second thought, maybe I DO want to be pulled out.

At any rate, cross your fingers and wish me luck. Either way, I'll report in.

Unless my swimming partner (and the woman who talked me into joining her) doesn't show up to pick me up on Sunday morning. Then I'll be blissfully sleeping in.

(*I think that is me on the left in the red and white cap.)


  1. I'm thinking you must be there right now. Hope it's amazing!

    I think we push ourselves for that unparalleled rush of accomplishing something, reminding ourselves that we're not as fragile as we sometimes imagine.

    Did you make it?!


  2. nope, not yet. Tomorrow will leave here at 6:30 am. Swim starts at 8 am. And your math is almost as bad as mine. Or maybe mine was worse. I dont want to know whose it was. :)

  3. Gae-you may not see this until you are done, but I am sending some mojo now. The farthest I've ever swam is a mile--there was a time I swam that somewhat regularly, but it was brief... it is also the FITTEST I have ever been, so you TOTALLY rock to be able to do more than twice that. I'm impressed ALREADY.

    Just know you can DO IT and if you can't do it TOMORROW it is because conditions conspired against you, and that can happen to anybody.