Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's my Birthday, so what is there to be scared of?

46, that's what.

Because that is seriously close to. . .

Hmmm. . .


Never mind.

That actually looks kinda pretty.

Ok, I changed my mind. I'm not afraid of 46. After all, it's just another number.

So, here's what I'm really afraid of:

Jelly fish.

I mean, with their brainless suction and long freaky tentacles wrapping around my legs and arms as I swim? Seriously, this is Long Island.

New York.

We're supposed to have muggers here.

And scary bad hedge fund managers.

And traffic.

But we're not supposed to have things that look like they belong a safe distance off a tropical island somewhere on the coast of where I can't pronounce. So, sue me. But I'm afraid of them.

And, you know what else?

The Rejection of my next manuscript.

Yep, I'm pretty darned scared of that.

*checks email reluctantly to see if their is news...

(there is NOT).*

But that's not what I'm most afraid of.

I'm most afraid of my children being hurt or worse.

Because, seriously, that scares the bejeezus out of me. And it just happened here yesterday, around the corner from me. A beautiful, quiet, good, 17-yr old girl from our school district who lost control of her car.

So, all you kids out there, listen to your parents and be careful. And remember to take your time. And know when I'm blowing out those candles, I'm making a wish for all of you.

Because, 46? Nope, not scared at all.

And all those candles just mean that many more good wishes.

I've said one for you and your children now.

Now, somebody pass me more cake.

*dedicated to the memory of Nikki K.


  1. Hope your day was really fabulous! And those are some things much more scary than a birthday. Some people lie about their age, but I figure you're better off being claiming your years so people can tell just how fabulously you've aged... (and you have!)

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!! I know I'm late, but I was away lolling.

    I get the fear thing. Mysterious stuff that floats around just under the surface, almost invisible, ready to get you at a moment's notice. Except, you are an Amazon and have nothing to be afraid of.

    xoxo B

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  4. Happy Birthday, Gae! Sorry I didn't get to utter that in person, on the day, but it is no less sincere for being a little bit late! Now I'm wondering if it was really a cold that felled you last week...or the shock of falling down this particular rabbit hole! No worries -- anyone who can swim a 5K (and not come in dead-last!) a scant two months after her first open-water swim can conquer any birthday that comes at her! Welcome back to the swim, and felicitations!