Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Floating or sinking?

So, I'm trying to keep up: writing, revising, kids, house, gardens, and lawyering/mediating, plus, and this is the big time-suck: beginning to strategize on how to market my debut novel, The Pull of Gravity.

This means everything from taking author photos (endless kudos to Rick Kopstein) and trying to choose one (thanks to all who chimed in!), to brainstorming with a group of debut authors I belong to, to trying to assist my editor with catalogue keynotes and copy (still in the works), to writing my own marketing plan (which I hope to present as a complimentary boost to FSG's own marketing plan (*crosses fingers*) which I will learn more about in June or July).

It also means sending out emails to all sorts of people I hope to read, review or somehow otherwise enlist to help make TPOG a bestseller. Okay, would you believe a good-seller?

So, am I sinking or floating?

One of the things that's hardest to keep up with are blog posts - and interesting ones at that. I try to blog once or twice a week only, but I have two blogs -- a YA blog and a regular grown-up blog here where I'd like to, at times, misbehave. Because it's my favorite thing.

So, for my 30+ loyal(ish) followers here, until I get back to the misbehaving (yes, I'm missing it just as much as you are...), please note that if I'm not here on Staying Afloat, you can find me on That Wee Bit Heap, usually talking about YA writing, and the things that drive a story like themes and voice, but sometimes giving you a sneak peak of a work-in-progress, or just talking about silly things, like feeding soap to my mother.

In the meantime, if you've been misbehaving while I'm gone, you know I want to hear about it. So, please (come on! pretty please, cherry on top...) fill me in.


  1. Between broken arms, giant bug bites, soccer, and a pile of laundry the size of Mt. Fuji, I haven't had time to misbehave either. And you know how grumpy that makes me.

    Keep up the good work Gae, best seller here you come. (I may ride your coat tails, just a wee bit ;)

  2. Sinking or floating? Well, since "floaters" are the result of excess gas, and "sinkers" tend to contain an overabundance of nutrients, I'd say you're sinking. Of course, I'm talking shit here (literally) but it works

  3. Tamest wet T-shirt contest ever... :)

  4. megan, we really need to, don't we?

    mike, ew.

    anonymous, sorry, i'll try harder next time.

  5. Gae-I have a little, modest blog, but I am HAPPY to read/review if you want me to--I'd also LOVE to have you guest blog WHENEVER it is convenient for you.

    I think it is a lot to manage, but I also have full confidence you can do it all!

  6. I guess that means I should look for you at the other blog (I've been trolling this one only)?!

    I take inspiration from your dedication -- and hope to learn the ropes one day. I'm here for you in Toronto if you want/need any Canadian help/input/pats on back!

    And I never weighed in on any photos, but might I add that they are all babe-ilicious.

    xo Barbara

  7. Hart, thank you so much. I am told it's really a little too early to promote the book before late fall, so i'm really doing the behind the scenes prep stuff right now. But I'd LOVE to take you up on it soon!

    Barbara, you're a cutie cakes ;) and thank you. I have been eyeing some big Canadian book festivals... "the" one in Toronto... ? :)