Monday, May 24, 2010

Do Something New

Me as my lawyer self. . .
I'VE BEEN A LOT OF THINGS, and done a lot of things, in my life, if not nearly as much as I wished to (in somewhat chronological order): gymnast, actress, special events coordinator, tv production assistant, flower seller, paralegal, lawyer, wife, mother, mediator, writer.

I've piloted a hot air balloon as part of a the crew, I've flown over the Bermuda triangle to Bimini for lunch with my uncle in a two-seater plane. I've been up the side of Mt. Blanc in a gondola. And, I've skied off the side of a black diamond ski slope. Er.

I'M STILL WAITING FOR MY WETSUIT TO TURN ME INTO A SUPERHERO. Having said that, I've never been a huge risk taker (never bungee jumped or sky dived or did half the things I thought I would), and the older I get -- and especially once I became a mother with two amazing boys that depend on me -- the less of a daredevil/adventurer I've become. If truth be told, my life has become pretty staid.

NEW THINGS. So, it's been interesting and exhilarating, if sometimes scary, after years and years of trying, to have a brand new career as a "real" published author ahead of me. It means all sorts of ways of putting myself out there (if not of the sky jumping variety). It means public appearances and readings, including ones across country alone. I have not travelled alone since I was a young adult. It means getting reviewed and putting myself out there for the ultimate success or the fall. Or the "dreaded" somewhere in between.

At the same time, I still want new ways, if slightly safer, to put myself out there. I've joined an open-water swim group, that starts out in the Long Island Sound this weekend. I've got my wetsuit, and my beanie cap and my booties and my gloves. But the email I just got from the group leader says, water temps are still in the mid-fifties. This means numb face, which may just be too tough for me to bear. Do I wait a few weeks till the water chugs up to 60 degrees? Or do I bite the buoy and put myself out there?

WHAT DO YOU DO to keep your world from getting old?


  1. so much adventure ahead of you, gae! and, it seems you are an adventuring spirit, so I'm sure you will handle it all with grace and style :)

  2. I'm a native Long Islander (though I live a bit further inland now), and your mention of the Long Island Sound brings me right back to my childhood. I say take the plunge! You only live once!

    And like Tess said, you have so much adventure ahead of you. I hope you enjoy ever moment of it!

  3. You have done far more risky things than I have ever dreamed of thinking.
    But I do love race cars. I'd love to take another racing class and push an open-wheel car to the limit.
    As for the swim, I say go for it now. Your face may be numb but, with water temps in the 50s, it won't freeze. And you will feel better for it physically and emotionally once you are done.
    I'm just saying . . .

  4. Argh. I'm such a wimp. Fear of dying (or hurting myself) controls most of my choices. But writing still keeps the ol' heart a-pumping.

    And I love a good road trip. Seeing is truly believing!

    Best "hard-core" memories: Skiing a double-black diamond 5km run in BC. Scared the bejeezus outta me, but gave me the most exhilarating feeling -- and never did it again! Same exact experience with scuba-diving. Climbed Grouse Grind -- a 3km hike straight up a mountain (like stairs all the way).

    Tired just thinking of it. Back to my porch! xo Barbara

  5. I sky dived at 17, and having done it, would never do it on over 40 bones... I hear you on the little dependents thing... even if mine are aging--15 and 11... I am not NEARLY the dare devil I used to be. But I PREFER traveling alone--I think you might really enjoy it. No schedule Nazis to cater to, no needy medium size people to feed every 20 minutes (maybe your family is more adaptive than mine).

    If you end up in Michigan anywhere, give a shout--I'll show you around!

  6. look at you amazing women! :)

    And, Hart, I hope so, tho I may drag my mom with me to a few. It's nice for her and nice for me. And, I'm on a big appreciate-your-mom kick in the hopes my boys will one day feel the same. ;)

  7. Let's see . . .

    Skipping high school jobs because those aren't careers, I've been: A Russian linguist in military intelligence, a groundskeeper, a soccer player, a Web editor, a staff writer, a music critic, an Arts & Entertainment editor, a managing editor, a reporter, a copy editor, a photographer, a public information officer, a sports information director, a history writer, the editor of two newspapers, a proofreader, and a senior graphic designer.

    I'd like to add novelist to my resume.