Thursday, November 29, 2012

of space stations, and emails with my mother, and time that is fleeting

sometimes I can barely stay afloat.

sometimes I can barely stand how very fleeting it is.

- gae


  1. forgive me. Sometimes we all need a good cry.

    Some days we don't stop.


  2. if you need to laugh a little, here is the follow up from my mother:

    Ginger Polisner

    10:38 AM (13 minutes ago)

    to me

    "so sam gets texts from nasa and i get email from annie sez and now there is a 25% off coupon and i need a small shop with my daughter. tomorrow good? we can cry together when nothing looks good and pretend its about the clothes. no pressure if its not a good time. il go myself and wind up with stuff that looks dreadful."

    Who can resist 25% off?


  3. Well I know I can' hell with kids growing up and leaving us in their wake...there are discounts to be had! :)