Friday, May 11, 2012

Blind Contours (with love and thanks to Lori Landau)

Ceci n'est pas une pipe

There's an age spot on my left hand.

It's been there for some time now.

I try not to notice it.

This is my father's pond:

and these, my father,

and my father's gardens.

My father was always ageless. Now, he is nearly 75.

He hauls pots and plants and small boulders up his hillside alone. Even as his eyes grow cloudier,

he gardens from dawn to dusk.

My father is old. My father is strong.

I, too, am aging.

I have a liver spot on my left hand.

It's been there for some time now.

If you were an artist, and you closed your eyes, this is me:

My friend Lori Landau drew this blind contour.
I love this more than words itself.
I see me. I am not old or young. I just am.

When I enter the water, I am strong. I can swim forever.

Yesterday, I braved the water alone.

The waves were strong. They slammed me down.

I was free and not afraid.

When I swim, I have no
age spots
or unfamiliar creases,
or tired eyes.

When I swim,

I am all blind contours.

This is the swing that looks out over my father's gardens:

today it was empty because he was working
in his gardens.
One day, it will just be empty.

How I wish everything could stay green.

- gae

Wind breathes longing,
greens the trees
Burns the mountain
Rains the heart,
Exhales fractiles of green

flecks the eyes

Kaleidoscope retina rearranges


turns like seasons

Kisses open trembling lips

sings songs on tongue of green

Antique (green) syllables fall

amber unto a table set with green

Door opens,

woman stares at wheeling
copper Sun

streaking the sky with fading light 

I want to tell you

About the green of time

Bone, flesh and wild mind

Grasps greenly

here you are and here I am

and here it all is

in the palm of green sand in the green of the hand

fisherwomen go down to green

seas troll green waters

for green’s true and secret name that hides among

heartbroken weeds of green  

-  Lori Landau

** you can see more of Lori's amazing work here at the Art House Co op, Sketchbook Project.


  1. xoxoxo green with love for you. never forget your own words, Gae: you just "are" and that's beautiful

  2. Breathe Heidi, breathe. Love this.

  3. thanks for reading and loving and breathing. <3

  4. You are every minute young and wonderful and alive and you will be until you're at least 75. It is the heart and spirit, lovely. And yours are ageless.

  5. Thanks, guys. It's hard for me to read. Or feel. Green is so fleeting.

  6. Just. Blew. Me. Away. oops, that's me floating away!
    So breath taking. Both you two. How I love you and your amazing words.

  7. thank you, Barb. Lori's drawings and words so often inspire me. As did this poem and blind contour drawing she emailed me. I'm lucky to have such inspiration........................

  8. Your father must be a lovely man to be able to love flowers like he does and create such beauty.