Friday, April 13, 2012

How Haircolor, Nailpolish and Chunky Rings are Saving My Marriage

Okay, fine, my marriage isn't really in trouble.

But, believe you, me, it has been through its tough spots.

And, given what I do for a living (um, the other living), I know how tough it is to keep one's marriage together.

Especially after hmmnyhmm years.

*runs to count on fingers and toes*

And, truly, I love my husband. He's a great guy. Handsome, funny, talented, gentle, kind. And, way, way smarter than I am.

But I love cheesecake too, and part of the reason I'm always craving more, is because I can't eat it whenever I want to.

Wait! I didn't mean it like that.


*wonders what she's thinking when she types and releases blog posts like these*

At any rate.

This June, I will be married 19 years.

*stares numbly at number*

I've decided what's truly saving my marriage at this point is not how wonderful my husband is;

or my fabulous cadre of friends, both virtual and in the flesh, which (trust me) I'm grateful to have.

Nor is it my at-times-scintillating and at-rarer-moments-glamorous writing life (since that likely threatens to crush me way more often than it promises to save me).

Nope. I'm pretty sure at this point, it's the momentary "more cheesecake" high I get from donning a variety of $10 chunky rings,

ever-changing the color of my hair,

and/or plucking from the shelves an endless array of nail polish colors bearing names like

Tangerine Scene


Neon Flashback.

Hey, if it saves my marriage, it could be worse, right?

Although I am suddenly wondering what's saving my husband's . . .



  1. What's saving your husband's union...Can't speak for him but would guess it's his almost certain appreciation for the multi-dimensional, many-faceted, brightly-bedecked, flashily-painted, fashion-forward, intellectually-gifted, well-rounded, supremely accomplished and driven individual that is you! Although, having never met either of you in person and therefore unable to say for sure, it might come down to something as simple as you may make a tasty the microwave!

  2. Annette, the last tasty muffin I made him was called a Healthy Morning Microwave muffin and contained flax seed, coconut oil, agave syrup and one egg. Now I'm really getting worried...


  3. Hmmm...maybe a date night is in order so he can reacquaint himself with the wonder that is you while trying to shake the image of the flax seed from his mind.

  4. As I run for the tangerine & lemon nailpolish (because it's bright & springish (having nothing to do with my marriage).....I reflect upon lines like "*coughs*
    *wonders what she's thinking when she types and releases blog posts like these*" with great appreciation because I have thought that myself, exactly.