Thursday, February 23, 2012

Will the Real Me Kindly Stand Up? (Pose sideways?)

Lately, my mind has been swirling with the big, hard (mid-life, help-I've-fallen-into-a-deep-black-hole crisis) questions like,

Who am I, really?

What is my point here? and;

How am I going to make this one life (that I can be sure of) matter?

Perhaps it's comically apropos, then, that my private facebook page seems to be mocking me with those very same questions:

Thanks to my friend David Stanley for capturing this screen shot of
 the many faces of me that may now be located on facebook.
Which Gae is the real Gae?

And, why should we care?

What does it really matter?

As those of you who know me well know, my facebook world is important to me.

My private page is a racy, silly, funny, sometimes profane, always supportive, and often ridiculous outlet -- a real (if mostly virtual) community where I connect primarily with my writer-friends around the country, but also with long-lost (and happily-found) friends from my past: high school, college, work, and childhood days.

My page is certainly not for everyone, but it is for me, and I have spent countless hours there, high only on the type of witty banter that has often escalated to literally hundreds of posts in a few short minutes to one thread.

I have shared my life there on my page in thoughts, photos and videos. I have abated Sunday blues by playing there, and smoothed Monday angst, with the same. I have celebrated and cried there with people who I may not have met in the flesh, but I truly believe I now know.

The truth is, my facebook page matters to me.

So, it is with huge frustration that my second facebook page (my first one froze, to no avail, ages ago) began experiencing glitches last week.

I've held out hope that Mark Zuckerberg might care and respond, but alas, he's too busy with his courtside seats at the Knicks.

So, then, it seems this second permutation of facebook me is done --gone the way of the first, into virtual facebook heaven.

So be it. It's just a page on a screen in the endless white void of the universe.

My new page is here. I hope some of you will follow.*

Meanwhile, stupid as it may seem, I am mourning the loss of "old, second, facebook Gae."



Okay, definitely.

But, all the same, still true.

- gae

*please note that you must be over the age of 19 and appreciate a racy, sometimes stupid, sense of humor to participate there.


  1. i never get tired of befriending and following you. <3

  2. Thank goodness your new profile is of you standing, or I might not have known it was you. :)

    And >:(

    (and your word verification is making my eyes go wonky. just sayin'.)

  3. Glad there is FB. I never would have met you if there wasn't a first Gae Polisner. So cheers to MZ. But boo for not responding to your needs.

    Mike S