Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jetsetting & the Glamorous Life

even the sky was showy...
Yeah, yeah,

<--------- that's just me in there,

jetting off for a book release party this past weekend.

Don't hate me because my life is glamorous.

I flew all the way to Tacoma, Washington, to celebrate the launch of my dear friend Megan Bostic's debut young adult novel, Never Eighteen.

And, oh, there was glitter,

and wine,

and parties,

and french pastries,

and fancy clothes.

Annmarie, Megan and me... I put us in a movie box to make us look extra fancy.

Heidi and me, posing for the endless paparazzi
(okay, whatever, someone took this shot with my cell phone).

For two whole days, I lived the glamorous life.

Okay, sure, fine, maybe the glitter came with me in my suitcase and I tossed it around when I got there,

and maybe some of the parties were just us girls, sitting around in our pj's, drinking wine and giggling over cardboard cut-outs of our friends. . .

Some of our best friends are merely cardboard heads...

... but we treated them well...
and, we didn't judge...
all kidding aside,
there was a fabulous party, set against the sparkling backdrop of the Puget Sound, to celebrate a new piece of art being launched -- a  baby book being born into the world:

Megan, reading from her baby book...
and there were fabulous new sights in a distant city:

Chihuly glass bridge in downtown Tacoma at Union Station
and, even a stolen bag:

me, with the awesome sequined skull bag I stole from Heidi Peach

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend.

I'm lucky to have such talented, funny, warm and generous friends.

Jetsetting glamour? Who knows.

You keep the jets and the glamour,

leave me with the cardboard cut-outs, the glitter, and the friends.

- gae

(and I say there was glamour, so there was.)


  1. You sure know how to party! Looks so fun! Can't wait to check out Megan's new book!

  2. Thanks for sharing your highlights. Happy it was a safe and fun trip. No swimming in the Sound?

  3. Thanks for reading, Stephanie! Angelina, the first thing we said when we were en route from the airport was, we could have swum in there! :)

  4. Sounds like you had a blast! I wish I could have been there!!!

  5. Nice! So THAT's why you and Annmarie haven't been swimming...!