Monday, December 5, 2011

Swimmin' Wimmin of the Polar Pod, Sans Arms (on behalf of the water-blog)

Can you find where water meets air?
Despite a morning of dense fog that had Carole playing"Where's Waldo" with the water (see, photo left), at shortly after noon, three intrepid members of the Polar Pod -- Cathy, Carole and I -- suited up and met for another unbelieveable, stolen December swim.

The air temperature -- a balmy 58 -- was warm enough that I was sweating as I pulled on my sundry layers of swim caps, booties and gloves, and we pondered how the same global warming that's so desperately bad for the real polar bears and universe, was giving us such an unforgettable winter gift.

Despite the unseasonably warm air, wading into the water was another story.

Last night's cold temps seemed to have lowered the water a degree or two, and we felt the cold rush in right through our booties (though not into our impermeable Psycho gloves ;)). But, as always, once we got swimming, it was business as usual -- or as usual as it could be swimming without our right (Carol Moore) and left (Annmarie Kearny-Wood) arms.

A brisk swim to the yellow sign felt totally doable as our faces and bodies acclimated, and we even stopped and chatted and aqua-jogged in place there for a while, admiring the scenery and marvelling at our great good luck to be out yet another day, before swimming somewhat reluctantly back toward the dock and home. 
Another fine Pod hat on display.

Back on shore we agreed that swimming right through December seems more and more possible (and necessary) with each passing day.

- gae

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  1. Good for you!! Although I do feel spoiled by the wonderfully warm weather, I'd never think of swimming in December. I admire your adventurous spirit!