Monday, May 23, 2011

Writing, Swimming and trying to regain FOCUS.

I've spent the last two months pulled by [The Pull of] Gravity - blogging, marketing, and the past week and future week launching and "appearing."

It's been good and busy and exhilarating and exhausting, but I really (really, really) need to refocus.

I need to get back to regular swimming - my pool heater is broken and, given the less-than-springlike temps in NY, the water remains at 66 degrees. Doesn't matter, seems I like it this way now anyway.

And I need to get back to regular writing: am mid-revision on Frankie Sky, and will ultimately need to do an overhaul on my other two YA manuscripts: Jack Kerouac is Dead to Me and In Sight of Stars. But really, I am anxious to get back to my women's fiction too. Swim Back to Me needs a new title (*sigh* Ann Packer took mine) and a bit of a tweaking to add some hook to the beginning.

And of course, there are the kids in there - and the crazy end of the school year, and spring sports and planning for summer. And the start of the Open Water Swim season. And I am behind in it all.

So, I need focus. I need focus really bad. Gonna go in search of it where I always do: in the quiet, cool bliss of underwater.

- gae


  1. I so hear this. I am in the same conundrum (but for different reasons). I have so much to do, but really want and need to get back into the bliss of writing. Sadly, the water doesn't do it for me. But maybe a good long hike...

  2. When I saw that book come out, I immediately thought of you - then I thought "oh, well, there can always be two bestsellers with the same title". :)

    I don't swim. I CAN swim, but I don't. I can totally imagine how it would inspire you, though. Hope you can get back to it reaqlly soon.