Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Judging by the date of my last entry here,
and despite the title of this blog,
I am apparently not actually staying afloat.

Bite me.

Okay, fine, don't.

Where water metaphors are concerned, though, I should not be sinking.

If there's one thing I do know how to do, it is swim.

See? This is me, swimming.
And, yet. . . 

In fairness to me, these last 8-week-(gulp)-throes of trying to market my own book -- yes, unless we are JK Rowling or Stephanie Meyer, these days we mostly do it all on our own -- are starting to weigh me down. Everything from booking my own events (and those of Class of 2K11) and arranging the "food and entertainment" there, to my release party, to designing my own bookmarks and "swag" (with the help of my dear friend and fab graphic designer [you should use him if you need graphics designed...] Jeff Fielder), to writing endless blog posts, tweeting and fb'ing, to mailing out packages of swag . . . well, you get the gist. Add to it, my part-time real paid work and my kids whose spring sports and school lives are heating up, and really are the thrill of my life but demanding of my motherly attention. . . well, there's only so many hours in a day.

Which leaves me with this:

the last few times I've signed onto facebook (oh, love of my life, you facebook!) or Twitter (ringing silence), the only thing I want to type is the word pineapple.


Pineapples. (Sure, the plural works nicely).

I mean, sometimes, a single word like that seems to sum things up nicely, right?



Gae Polisner is pineapple.

That tells you everything you need to know.

- gae


  1. Are you ripe enough to eat?

    (I know the answer is YES!)

    What's the date of the par-tee again?

  2. And blogging at 5:05am, and saving a friend's creative ass, and...;)

    I'm feeling run off my feet lately too, so I know exactly what you mean. Sadly, i can't invoke pineapple ... because I forget what it means :(


  3. in a poor copy of the internet search commercial that highlights a word-association frenzy, all I can think of right now is sponge bob--(who lives in a pineapple under the sea.....) which is where I feel like I am lately: under water. which is not only my way of saying you're not alone--I too am overwhelmed, but wraps it all up nicely in a water metaphor. plus, have I mentioned it's spring and it's snowing? need I say more?

  4. Jody, um, I think you might have just started the par-tee NOW. In which case, March 23 at 9:21 am (but really May 14 at 5 -7 pm);

    Barb, that's the point of pineapple as a blanket comment... none of us knows what it means. Well, except tangy sweet juicy goodness (see par-tee time above);

    Lori, you know what's good with snow? Pineapples.

  5. While prickly, and generally looking like a eternal bad hair day, the pineapple is a sign/symbol of Welcoming, hence the many pineapple plaques that adorn people's front doors

    so there you go

  6. Pineapples give me canker sores. You-not at all!

  7. Oh, Gae-you will get through it all BRILLIANTLY, but wouldn't it be nice if you could borrow sleep from the future? Good luck staying afloat!

  8. Someone has been viewing this post today, so it popped up in my stats. And I realize I never responded to the last several comments - thus proving my state of pineapple then.

    At any rate, Mike's especially, made me laugh. And, look! A rare appearance by Deb that I didn't even acknowledge! Oh dear.

    Love you all.

    - gae