Monday, December 13, 2010

Of Bats and Beards

My lovely husband.
I have been married for hmmmmn-teen years now, and at times it has been great, and at times, um, maybe not so great. Through it all we have maintained a sense of humor (mostly) toward ourselves and each other and admired one another for our strengths and good qualities (truly), even if the lesser bad qualities were not doing it for us at the moment.

We've always said that the thing that has held our marriage together are our shared values and sense of humor. And if you asked me what I admired most about my husband, I would tell you that it is his humor, intellect, loyalty, and  quiet gentleness that move me.

Which is why it has me laughing for more than a week now, that when I conjure affection for him, I keep returning to the image of him leaving our house last week like The Terminator, a baseball bat gripped in each hand, on a day that he thought I needed some protection.

And, don't be fooled by his sweet face; he looked like he knew how to use them.

And it doesn't hurt that my usually clean-shaven man is now sporting a scruffy beard.


Foolish of me? Perhaps. But, true, nonetheless. So, I confess.

Of course, I still admire him for his humor, intellect, gentleness and our shared values.

But, oh, the bats and the beard.

- gae


  1. Now we're hearing Gae! Loved it!

    (My boyfriend has a beard....just sayin'....)

  2. Love this. Your husband is a sweet man. Looking forward to seeing your entire family again in May *squeee!!*

  3. [also swooning. is this inappropriate?]

  4. a lovely post, Gae. My sweetie and I celebrate our 20th this month (we apparently married when we were 10). Yowza, time flies.

  5. Yes, a swoonerama! Okay, call me stereotypical, but there is nothing sexier than a scruffy man out to save your honour. Hope no one got hurt ;)
    The Middle Ages

  6. Hi!
    I was very happy when I saw you coment! *-*
    I look forward to reading your book. DAC is a great opportunity to have a reason to read more. =) Certainly, I´ll love it.
    Muito obrigada (thank you so much) ^-^
    Vicky =D

  7. Loved reading this, Gae. Nothing like a strong man protecting his woman, I always say.


  8. A husband standing behind you for **umpteen** years with a bit o' scruff and no fear of taking on a bad guy with a baseball bat? Yep, I've got one of those, too. Bless them both.

  9. just when you think you are part of a fully modern relationship, your man picks up a weapon and goes to "bat" for you. instant (re-) love. just add water. and a bat.

  10. thanks for all the feedback, peeps. I'd write more, but the Terminator is right here beside me... (eating cheese a crackers and playing sporcle. Is that a Terminatory thing to do? Meh, good enough. ;))

  11. teehee--it's okay to love his bad boy side, too--and that IS hot...

  12. I can see the words typed out on the page already of our protagonist's normally gentle love interest yielding a bat with a week's scruff to give him that extra-manly vibe. Our hero!!

  13. we'll have to work him in, Alison... ;)

  14. The singing and dancing don't hurt either! PDP

  15. As you knew I would, I laughed out loud at this one!