Monday, September 27, 2010

A moment among moments...

About a year ago October, after years (and years) of trying, as most of you know (ad nauseam) I got my first book deal - for my YA novel, The Pull of Gravity.

Since that moment, there have been several moments, that have been surreal, exciting, wonderful: the look on my boys' faces when I told them I had finally succeeded; the moment I called my husband (my sister, my parents) to tell the good news. The first time I sat in the small, sleepy office of my editor, the incredible Frances Foster (Holes (Sachar), Someday this Pain Will Be Useful to You (Cameron) The Wall (Sis)) in the flatiron building in NYC and listened to her gush on about the characters in my novel.

The moment I opened a check from Macmillan in the mail. :)

But the truth is, there is one moment above all others that truly stands out in my mind: December 4, 2009, when some of my best friends I've known "forever," came togther with some of my best friends I'd never, until that very moment, even met (and who had travelled across the space-time continuum to be here -- okay, at least from as far away as Virginia, Seattle, New Mexico and, you heard me: Scotland) to celebrate my small moment of success with me.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime night that I'll truly never forget, and I hope in some way to return the love and support shown me to each and everyone of them. Even those who could only be there in spirit (you know who you are).

In the meantime, here is a tiny glimpse into one captured moment of it. A toast by my dear friend John Aragon, writer -- and human being -- extraordinaire.

Happy Monday. I hope each of you has the chance to share at least one evening like this one.



  1. oh, and Philly! My dear friend (shh) travelled all the way in friday night traffic from Philly(ish)!

    Also, she brought her lovely husband and didn't fault me for trying to eat his face (what? It looked so yummy. :))

    Speaking of yummy, do we think I could have stopped eating for one second to listen to John's gorgeous and hilariously funny speech? But I was starving, because Megan worked me like a dog all day, chopping and prepping and cutting and dicing and then walking in butt-firming sneakers. Geesh! Starving I say, and on my way to slightly too inebriated. So there was that. :)

  2. Gae, Gae, Gae. it is so very exquisitely "you" that the work pineapples is included in your search labels, and so very generously "you" to pick that wonderous evening as a highlight moment of celebration. the truth is, I suspect that this evening was as special to all of us as it was to you. you have a gift for gathering beautiful souls, as well as for gorgeous writing. as one of your earliest "fans," (and you know that's true since I still can remember and quote poems of yours that you hardly remember writing) I share in your excitement and accomplishment. With love, joy and pineapples: Lori

  3. Lori, I cannot argue; what you write about remembering and quoting is true. All I can say is that it has always been mutual, and on October 14, I will have a chance to celebrate a similarly accomplished and deserved moment with you. Have I mentioned I cannot wait?


  4. I'm lucky I read this so I could set the record straight. I was a guest in Gae's beautiful home and was treated like a servant girl!!! It was worth every moment. I offered my cutting, prepping, culinary services. Gae was a beautiful host and it's one of the best times I've had. I'm hoping for a bit of a redux in May, and maybe when my novel comes out, some of these people will travel to the west coast to celebrate with me. :)

  5. this is the ONLY record. Well, that and us in bed with David, and Jeff and David. Wait, that second David was off the record.

    There is no record of me making you grocery shop the moment you stepped off the plane. Or get up at the crack of dawn MY time, to prepare 4000 tons of romaine.

    No record, therefore no proof.

    And I'm so there when your book comes out next fall. :D

  6. Those are FABULOUS moments. I'm really glad you got your REAL LIFE get together!

  7. Awwwww. Wish I was there *sniff sniff* (does that sound like tears or smelling? ... anyway)

    Wish I was there. But that said, this post and the video just show again how modest and loving you are. Your writing, of course, speaks for your talent. Mwaw!

  8. You had a party? How come I wasn't invited?

  9. Gae it is a beautiful thing! I love that you seemed to own it. I LOVE when people own their success with joy and abandon! Here's to your continued success!

  10. i'd do it all over again (let's do it all over again!). love you! (shhh.)