Monday, June 28, 2010

Dragging slowly toward publication (and, still, all the other excrutiating waiting...)



I mean, don't let the title of this post fool you, it's not the "dragging" and the "slowly" and the "excrutiating," but rather the words "toward publication," that one must focus on, and not all those other silly, whiny words that snuck in there.

Because, yes I am waiting -- with ever more waning hope, to either get a deal, or %$!*& ing close out Swim Back to Me.

And yes, I am I waiting -- on ridiculous pins and needles, for my editor to read Frankie Sky and report back on whether they, FSG, my most-awesome publisher, will want to option it, or whether they will send me and it out into the cruel world of shopping it to other publishers (see excrutiating waiting above).

And yes, I am waiting -- for The Pull of Gravity to become an Advance Review Copy with a pretty cover and all that, which will then be sent out into the wide world of the reviewers and other important bookish-type people, and, then, thereafter will become a real book that you can order on Amazon or pick up in your local bookstore.

But, amidst all that waiting, I am also inching forward toward that last one -- the actuality of my first novel as a real book -- with an email in my inbox this weekend from the head of FSG marketing offering to set an in-person meeting with me (and hopefully my agent) for the week of July 8th, a luxury and a privilege rarely afforded to most debut authors (and, yes, I do know this . . .).

So why do I get this luxury and privilege?

I'm not exactly sure why. One reason is that my editor (a legend in the business, who has worked with the likes of Louis Sachar (HOLES) and Roald Dahl (CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, etc. etc) is old school and willing to sit down with her authors in person (although this was also something I specifically requested), and this has allowed us to form a real and caring relationship.

Another reason may be that I've done a reasonable amount of legwork on my own already, setting up both a West and East Coast launch of my book at some pretty cool and prestigious places, securing some cool corporate sponsorship (sort of...) and generally working hard to make connections and let them know I am serious about getting my name and this book out there.

The third reason may be that I am one giant pain in the ass. But at least I am a genuinely grateful one.

And the fourth and best reason could be that they, themselves, have high hopes for this book.

Whatever the reason(s), a week or so from now, I'll be headed to FSG to learn more of the details about how they plan to promote The Pull of Gravity. Maybe I'll hear numbers. Maybe I'll actually get a release date.

Whatever happens, I'm excited because it means I am inching ever so slowly, but surely, toward publication.


  1. Wonderful. And you're a living example of the new reality that publishers offer the most help to those authors who help themselves. Congrats, Gae!

  2. thanks Jim.

    You're in my thoughts constantly as you near the home (real beginning) stretch. :)

  3. So excited for both of you!

    Gae, hoping to follow in your footsteps one day. Will try to remember your experience (and the lessons from it).

    Hurry up and wait.

    xo B

  4. You don't fool me with your whinery. You're excited and happy and beautiful and wonderful. And if you ever want to make it big in the Midwest, hit me up - I'm nothing if not tenacious (quit laughing - people in the Midwest read :)

  5. xo back atcha, B. Maybe we should drop cake crumbs in my footsteps... :)

    Erica,you're very gushy toward me. Do I owe you money?

    (I <3 u)

  6. Gae-it sounds like they know you are SMART and DRIVEN and willing to work you ASS off, which, on top of a great book, makes for higher promise of success than just about anything. It sure sounds like you have a lot you could TEACH people (like setting up those promising sponsorship/launch things on the east and west coast. You have an OPEN invitation on my blog, any time you want to share any of that wisdom!

    (and nothing wrong with being the squeaky wheel--they get the grease for a reason, sister--it is the evidence of need, and the most likely to respond to that kind of attention)

  7. Gae, you are motivated. You have to be in this business. And everything you've done to advance yourself is inspiring to other writers as well. I think I may be more excited for you than I am for me, and I love being able to watch the process unfold before I get there. :)