Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I have blogged. Now what?

Speaking of the pull of gravity, writers everywhere have been pulled into the bottomless chasm that is blogging. As evidenced by my lame attempt here.

My writer friend Randy Russell (his YA debut, tentatively titled Dead School, Harper/Collins, summer 2011) is doing a better job, and I just guest blogged for him here.


So, there, I blogged. Now what?


  1. Yeay ... I'm now "following" Gae! Just don't make any abrupt stops, please.

  2. Gets in the line and prepares to bunny-hop. (I hope there is an adequate supply of rum)

    Dead School sounds promising...

  3. I loved your guest blog. And you got a two day spread. You are very good at it, you should keep in up in all that spare time you have. ;)

  4. I loved your guest blog and thought I had left a comment about that! But I guess I didn't finish the hoop-jumping (captcha). Anyway, I meant to say that "writing for boys" is a great subject and I personally would love any further blog posts you wanted to do on this subject!!